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6 February 2013, 13:57

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Towards the end of 2012 I was coming to the end of an exciting yet long running type design project and I was beginning to feel a wee bit twitchy. At it’s heart, the craft of typeface design is expressive, exciting and evolutionary but it is also meticulous and precise. Having studied fine art at Foundation level before jumping ship into the world of graphic and typeface design, I had a strong desire to revisit my old art school stomping ground at Colchester Institute and to see whether my hand was still capable of detached expression and wandering scribbles. Now like a school boy eager to have ones pictures placed on the fridge I present my humble efforts created over the course of a few life drawing sessions. I hope that they may be of some interest. Enjoy!

Ink | 3 minute pose

Charcoal | 20 minute pose

Charcoal | 10 minute pose

Black Ink and Soft Pastels | 30 minute pose

Black Ink and Soft Pastels | 30 minute pose

Red Ink, Marker Pen & Soft Pastels | 10 minute movement pose



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