Comic Sans for Cancer

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20 August 2014, 10:58

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Fontsmith were invited to submit a poster design to the Comic Sans for Cancer charity event organised by our good friend and Soapbox and Sons creative director Jenny Theolin. Over 500 designers submitted proposals and our design was lucky enough to be picked and featured in the exhibition which is aimed at raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

The brief was simple — design a poster inspired by the Comic Sans typeface.


The design was born out of the idea that every font file is essentially a series of text files comprised in tables of data. In themselves, these tables have their own inherent beauty, they expose the instructions within a font that enable us to see the alphabetical shapes we love to use each day. I wanted to expose Comic Sans, ‘decode’ it and show an aspect of typeface design that is very rarely seen. I wanted to do this in a graphically interesting way, appropriate to ‘code’ yet also one that felt sympathetic to the vibrant and upbeat Comic Sans aesthetic. All of the typographic information within our submission was extracted from the data within the Comic Sans MS – Regular font file. So I present to you — the underlying beauty of an allegedly ugly font.


It was an honour for us to be involved in the exhibition! For a full list of the artists involved and to donate please visit —

Christmas outing with the whole studio (almost)

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29 December 2011, 21:12

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Love Letters

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8 December 2011, 01:41

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More info –


BBH China and Fontsmith launch installation art show ‘Love Letters’ featuring online dating messages.

Shanghai – Advertising Agency BBH China and new kid in town UK typography company Fontsmith are launching an installation art show in Shanghai featuring genuine online dating messages.
BBH teamed up with Fontsmith to create ten different installation pieces showcasing fonts made out of different materials including stone, metal and acrylic – that will be on display in a Shanghai Gallery  for artists, clients and enthusiasts to view.

The ‘Love Letters’ installation is based on the messages from people responding by email to an online dating profile.
The dating profile is of a western woman living in Shanghai. The respondents messages were in English, but given English isn’t the most common first language, many messages were uniquely evocative of the sender’s personality and style.
BBH used Fontsmith’s typefaces and their inherent character styles to match the characters of the men defined by their flirtatious emails.

In the dating game, personality is the most important playing card. This is even more prevalent in online dating where both what you write and how you write it is live or die. Given the limitations, people often rely on emoticons, exclamation marks and dot dot dots to add personal touches to what they write. The options are few and the competition is fierce.

Self expression is just as important for individuals as it is for brands. In a competitive world, people make decisions based on more than just functional reasons. A brand’s personality and how they express it be that through the digital space, TV or in print, can be the make or break in the dating ritual with their consumers.


Private View
8 December 2011, 6pm-9pm
Exhibition on view until12 December 2011

The Gallery, 183 Anfu Lu,near Wulumuqi Lu, Shanghai.


Love Letters in Shanghai (factory visit)

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2 December 2011, 10:45

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For more information on Fontsmith’s LoveLetters, please click here.

Fontsmith is currently working on an art exhibition with BBH Shanghai, using our typefaces to express messages from people dating online in Shanghai. Here are a few sneak preview pics of some of the artworks being made.
I am out here in China and more details will follow. Exciting stuff.






The Arts Club

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8 September 2011, 20:57

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So The Arts Club finally reopens it doors to members on Monday 12th September. After more than a year waiting, at last the refurb is done and I can go and hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow and Thandie Newton et al. With new decor by David d’Almada the venue is sure to be a hit. Speaking of hits, apparently there is also to be a new music venue opening in the basement in October. Being opened by Mark Ronson. I might be turning 40 but I can still bust some moves.
As always I’m interested to see the new cocktail list and more importantly if it is typeset well. Shoddy typography on menus is my pet hate. Comma’s in the wrong place etc. Here is hoping the attention to detail at The Arts Club goes all the way through to the font and menu design.


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