Comic Sans for Cancer

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20 August 2014, 10:58

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Fontsmith were invited to submit a poster design to the Comic Sans for Cancer charity event organised by our good friend and Soapbox and Sons creative director Jenny Theolin. Over 500 designers submitted proposals and our design was lucky enough to be picked and featured in the exhibition which is aimed at raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

The brief was simple — design a poster inspired by the Comic Sans typeface.


The design was born out of the idea that every font file is essentially a series of text files comprised in tables of data. In themselves, these tables have their own inherent beauty, they expose the instructions within a font that enable us to see the alphabetical shapes we love to use each day. I wanted to expose Comic Sans, ‘decode’ it and show an aspect of typeface design that is very rarely seen. I wanted to do this in a graphically interesting way, appropriate to ‘code’ yet also one that felt sympathetic to the vibrant and upbeat Comic Sans aesthetic. All of the typographic information within our submission was extracted from the data within the Comic Sans MS – Regular font file. So I present to you — the underlying beauty of an allegedly ugly font.


It was an honour for us to be involved in the exhibition! For a full list of the artists involved and to donate please visit —

The Chartered Society of Designers

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29 April 2014, 11:12

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We are thrilled and honoured here at Fontsmith to see that our FS Emeric typeface has been chosen as the new typeface for the Chartered Society of Designers. The new identity, designed by Jamie Ellul at Supple Studio, see’s FS Emeric replace Gill Sans which was used as the primary typeface for half a century.

CSD_Identityimg 0006img 0014

More info can be found here — Design Week and at the Society website — Chartered Society of Designers.

MTV Media – Finland

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3 December 2013, 11:13

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The good folk at DixonBaxi have created the new look for Finnish media company MTV Media and we are delighted to see our very own FS Emeric, which has been chosen as the brands leading typeface. The full range of Emeric’s twenty-two styles has been implemented across a broad spectrum of brand applications including television broadcast, websites, mobile device apps and print as seen below —


More info can be seen over at DixonBaxi’s site —

NEW TYPE » FS Hackney, FS Maja & FS Matthew.

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2 October 2013, 15:09

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New Typefaces from Fontsmith » FS Hackney, FS Maja & FS Matthew.

FS Hackney
FS Hackney is an assertive type. Square curves and a linear down-to-earth nature create a soft and gentle sans serif typeface. Inspired by the thought “it doesn’t have to be like this” Hackney is meticulously honed to perform in exacting conditions. Refined, assured and very versatile.

FS Maja
FS Maja is a bright and cheeky face. Bubbly, punchy, and entertaining. Distinctively warm with soft rounded shapes. FS Maja is a display and text font that’s young, fresh and beautifully random!

FS Matthew
FS Matthew is a multi-talented type.  A clear, stylish and structured sans-serif. Generous counters and a slightly condensed aspect come together to make it very legible and space-saving in text or title sizes. A structured system for solid corporate identities, signage systems, logotypes, screens, websites and billboard ads. An all round multi-talented font with a feel-good factor – radiant, efficient and sound.

Type Specimens
To celebrate the launch, Fontsmith are mailing out three new type specimens created by Leeds based Thompson Brand Partners. Each specimen is printed by Kingsbury Press onto Splendorgel Extra White 140gsm stock.

You can request a specimen pack by simply dropping an email to —

Lloyds Bank

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23 September 2013, 14:52

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In January 2013, Fontsmith were approached by the lead creative team at Rufus Leonard to discuss modifying the design of our typeface FS Jack for their client — Lloyds Banking Group.

Working alongside Rufus Leonard’s creative team, we began understanding the context of the brand, it’s positioning and the roles that the new typeface had to play throughout the organisation. FS Jack was a great fit in many ways, it offered a clear and confident tone with authority and humanity, it’s a versatile typeface with a broad range and it’s character is consistent throughout the Light to Bold weights. FS Jack’s standard OpenType features are also a great help, as small-caps and old-style figures are a perfect solution to the various hierarchies of information that a modern banking brand is required to deliver.

Through an audit of the characters within FS Jack, we explored redrawing certain forms and looked at ways in which key features from the new Rufus Leonard designed bank logo could be incorporated into the typeface. The results, whilst subtle have formed a font for Lloyds Bank that is functional, honest and brings a greater level of brand ownership to the words used throughout all of Lloyds communications.

Featured below are some of the details and character changes made to FS Jack and how they are being applied in the brand today as the Lloyds Bank Jack font family.



Lloyds1 Lloyds2 Lloyds3

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 14.40.34